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Online dating... You've gotta love it. I'm always looking to hear and share stories about internet love... or at least the search to the love part. I personally have been doing this for years and can't wait to share my experiences and hear others as well.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So many jerks... so little time

Oh man - my recent online set up turns out to be a total flop! This lady knows this guy (of course she doesn't tell me how well or how unwell she knows him) and she tells me that he's on Jdate... Well, I happen to be a member as well. So, I go ahead and look him up only to find out that he's already been checking me out (too chicken to contact me). Well, being that I want to get married soooo bad - I went ahead and contacted him. I think I freaked him out a bit by being so upfront and approachable - I mean like c'mon we are in the year 2005 - are we not!??! Anyways, I ask him if he's asking me out or what the deal is (I know - very forward - tis me!) He tells me that he'd like to know if we should go out on our own or if we should go ahead and go thru the matchmaker - umm.... duh duh - why would I go thru a matchmaker if I'm speaking with you on Long story short I ended up emailing him my number. I was downstairs typing away (looking for other men) when I suddenly hear my answering machine go off at 11:50 PM!!!! What a chutzpah! Who calls someone without notice so late? Anyways, I ended up calling him right back (not too sure why I even did that - desperation perhaps?) and at first I thought he was drunk. I couldn't understand a word the guy was saying. He literally sounded as if he had a load of marbles in his mouth.

His number one question to me was what my goals in life were.... I told him I can't wait to be a great wife and an even better mother - a little old fashioned, but hey - that's what I'm all about. He was surprised to hear me say that. Mind you this guy is a whole 35 going on 15.... Anyways, his next question how I wanted to raise my household - ie. if I wanted to have a TV or not because ya see that was the million dollar question. A TV!?!??! How silly is that - the world is filled with millions of people and you're a little no one trying to find that needle in a hay stack - you future mate and you're willing to toss it away for a silly TV!?!? Right away I knew I was dealing with someone who desperately needed to take dating 101 - ie. Dating for Dummies.

Well, though this guy was an online match I have to say that I haven't given up in my search for the right one over the world wide web..... can't wait to tell you about my next adventure - he actually is supposed to call tonight!

Till then.....


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Keep it up!

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